Middle Point Between My House & China

Mainland China, Beijing, London; 2008-2017

Capitán imagined China first as a young child, struck by how the vibrant and bustling country was almost diametrically opposite to her home life in suburban Spain. The country was also a recurring dream as the most remote place she could imagine, perhaps reached by tunnelling right from her back garden all the way through the middle of the earth.

Years later, freed from the confines of childhood, Capitán made her own trip to the country she had believed to exist somewhere on the other side of the world. Her pictures are personal and diaristic, exploring a land far away and the freedom of travel. Her handwritten captions play off or augment the content. At the same time, the series documents her isolation and confusion that can be felt in a land so far away from home.

This body of work was presented during the show ‘MEP: Busy Living’, it was awarded the FreshFace + WildEyed Prize by the Photographers Gallery in 2015 and it also exists in the form of a limited edition book.

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Ten Hours A Day, Six Days A Week, Barcelona, 2017