Ten Hours A Day, Six Days A Week

Barcelona, 2017

Ten Hours a Day, Six Days a Week follows the training lives of the Spanish Olympic Synchronised Swimming Team. The title alludes to the immense dedication that is required to compete at such a high level. Capitán has a personal connection to the subject matter - she was a Synchronised Swimming athlete for many years as a child, eventually having to give up the sport to pursue her artistic career.

Most notable in the series are the six life-size portraits, made using a large format camera on location. These show the athletes just moments after finishing their routines, and the supreme technical nature of the printing and reproduction gives an immersive experience to the viewer. They are paired with more abstract images of training and coaching in progress.

This body of work was presented during the shows ‘MEP: Busy Living’, Daelim Museum: Is It Tomorrow Yet? And also exists in the form of an editorial in the pages of Vogue Spain 30th Anniversary.

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