DAZED Baby You’re A Star

Baby You Are A Star is an editorial-parody for Dazed exploring the path to fame and popularity in the modern age. Styling by Elizabeth Fraser-Bell, set design by Georgina Pragnell, hair styling by Jonathan de Francesco, make-up by Georgina Graham. Model is Benno Bulang casted by Noah Shelley.    

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DAZED Horny Railways

Horny Railways is a editorial for Dazed magazine exploring the subject of objectophilia or sexuality focused on particular inanimate objects. Styling by Elizabeth Fraser-Bell, set design by Georgina Pragnell, hair styling by Gary Gill, make-up by Nami Yoshida, models are Elibeidy, Benno Bulang, Myles Dominique, Willem Het Hart and Julia Ratner.

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SANTA TERESA churches and cars

A monkey, a giant lizard or a wild squirrel got into my casita in the night. It touched nothing, it ate nothing but my portra rolls. Some songs & some sounds make me cry of pleasure of all of the senses how this one happened. I’m on the highest pick of a wave that keeps

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NOWSTERDAY with Vogue Me

On the summer of 2017, we spent ten days in Beijing photographing the youth of the city. My travel partners were Celestine Cooney, who was also the stylist for the story and Barney who helped me here and there. Special thanks to Angelica Cheung for all the helped.

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NUDES curated by Julien Dossena

  These are some of the images you can find in’Nudes curated by Julien Dossena & photographed by Coco Capitán’. In 1969, photographer Jean Clemmer immortalised his creative partnership with fashion designer Paco Rabanne in a daring monograph of glamorous female nudes strategically covered by sculptural garments made of plastic, synthetic fibres, and metal. It

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M LE MONDE i am sorry, i am busy, i am living

An editorial for M Le Monde magazine, the Sunday’s supplement of the French newspaper Le Monde. Styling by Marine Chaumien, hair styling by Louis Ghewy, make-up by Lucy Burt. Models were all friends and fellow artists: my sister and ballet dancer, Candela Capitán; Clara Deshayes, known as DJ Clara 3000; photographer Mark Lebon; musician Kaya Wilkins; musician

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On writing a blog

It is Sunday afternoon and I have decided to re-open my blog. A bit of history: my relationship with writing and Internet publishing -or more accurately- sharing of ideas and connecting with others online. I was born in 1992 and pretty much grew up with the Internet. When I say I grew up with it

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