Is It Tomorrow Yet?

Daelim Museum, Seoul, 2018

Capitán’s first museum show in Asia, with more than 150 works across photography, painting, writing, video and installation. The title echoes the perpetual forward motion of her work, restless in the present, to explore new ways of mixing media and infusing modern life with modern art.

As broad themes, her thoughts about the present and anxiety about the future were explored, giving those struggling with uncertainties in life an opportunity to feel a touch of empathy through an art show.

Among others, the series Ten Hours a Day, Six Days a Week was presented for the first time, following the lives of the Spanish Olympic Synchronised Swimming Team. The life-size photographic prints were presented along with a swimming pool installation in the floor and accompanying 8-meter long handwriting work.

The show very successfully embodied Capitán’s acute sensitivity throughout her practice, revealing her contemporary interpretation of Pop Art and her candid vernacular subject matter and imagination-based paintings, negotiating her emotions in a witty manner.

Combining intimacy and playfulness with subtle social critique, as well as stimulating probing questions concerned with existing values and hierarchies, uncovering the underlying issue of what it means to produce pictures in a society overly consumed by images. All laden with thoughts about the present, and foreboding anxiety about the future, Capitán highlighted the quotidian, emphasizing its often-overlooked strangeness and splendour, while actively implicating the viewer as part of her visual dialogue to the experience of connectedness that is embedded in the process of looking.

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